Why is the “Number of Page Views / Clicks” segment rule incompatible with guides?

This segmentation rule is an aggregation that causes Pendo to do a calculation which prevents the guide from loading asynchronously with the page. So for a better user experience we don’t allow you to apply those segments to guides.


One way around this is to set up a similar segment for the Page Ever/Never Seen or Feature Ever/Never Used.

Does anyone else have other workarounds they use for this situation?



  • I would love a good suggestion from the Pendo team or Pendo power users of how people segment guides to 'frequent users' - it seems most obvious data points for a frequent user fall into the ineligible rules listed here: https://support.pendo.io/hc/en-us/articles/360031862532-Segments#IneligibleSegmentsforGuideTargeting

  • FWIW this was exactly what I needed. I was dismayed when I couldn't display a guide to a segment of people I'd built based on page views. But using the "Page Seen" feature still lets me choose a timeframe so it accomplished our goal. In our case, I don't care how many times a visitor has seen a page, just that they've navigated to it at least once in a given timeframe. Thanks!


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