Designer - Cross-Origin Frame Error in the browser console

When attempting to launch the guide designer, I’m seeing Cross-Origin frame errors in my browser console. How do I fix this?



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  • I believe references to or window.parent within your application's code are the offender. To clarify, this is the code of your application, not the Pendo snippet. This is due to the way the Pendo designer functions, which is by placing your application into an iframe.

    We take significant efforts to ensure the Pendo agent JavaScript does not conflict with your web application, both in production mode and in the designer mode. We have noticed many web applications make assumptions that their application is running in the top window ( If there are any calls to or window.parent in your application, they will likely fail due to the Pendo Designer being the top window.

    To resolve this issue, please have your developers search the page's HTML and JavaScript for these references. The references will need to be removed or adjusted in a way to allow the situation where Pendo is the top window. You may have success in Firefox for a temporary workaround.


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