Underline upon button hover?

Is there an option for adding a text underline upon hovering a guide button?



  • Hey Eric - the code below should work to accomplish this. 

    • You'll need to drop this code into a code building block in your guide step.
    • You'll also need to inspect the button that you want to adjust and change the {9621d4a7} value to match the button in your application. 
    text-decoration: underline !important;
  • Thanks Doug McDaniel so it sounds like this has to be done on a per button basis. I should have specified but we were hoping to make this part of our Theme. Is that possible?

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  • These are great work arounds, thanks. Ideally this level of customization were available in Themes it would be easier to manage and ensure universal application. Most parts of theming offer an "advanced options" slider with this kind of detail, but the Hover state area doesn't get into advanced options.


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