How do I make a guide display on multiple pages?

In order to display a guide in multiple pages, first, go to Pages > Manage pages in-app > Enter the one of the page URLs you wish for the guide to be shown on > Click Save > Go to that page on Pendo > Add another page rule that will count the other location you wish for the guide to be shown on. You can read more about it in this article, Understanding URLs For Page Tagging.

Once you're done, go go to your guide > open it in the designer > under the location tab check 'only on this page' > Choose the page you created.



  • Here's what adding more page rules looks like (this is under "DETAILS" when you go to Product > Pages > your specific page): 

  • So for these "Bundle Pages" -- how can I exclude these from metrics and only use them for guides?  This method has resulted in my inability to find Untagged pages -- because I've made these "bundle" pages for every section of my app.

  • Hey Kaitlyn Moore,

    Thanks for your comment and pointing out this issue with our workaround. Unfortunately there is not a method to exclude these metrics if you are using our URL rule tags to apply guides.

    We are aware of this feedback and recommend you add your input here in the following requests:

  • The workaround here is not a workaround.  It breaks the ability to track the pages as individual pages.  This feels like a pretty major issue.  Any update on it?

  • This is becoming quite the issue for us. A page of pages results in unusable funnel and path data. My product is used in a regulated environment which means that there are certain pages that we cannot interact with the users on. It also means that any "workaround" that requires a development code change won't be available for months according to the regulation schedule.

    I need a way to do one of the following WITHOUT changing code:

    • Add an exclude rule option when specifying what page a Guide can appear
    • Add an "Exclude Page From Data" option on pages
    • Add the ability to specify more than one page location for a Guide (this wouldn't be ideal for my need because i would have to list all pages, but would at least be a workaround)
    • Add the ability to create a wildcard-like or segment-like rule when specifying Guide location where you could specify contains rules (Example: All pages that do not contain XYZ)

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