I'm not seeing any metrics for my new guide

If you've recently published a guide but aren't seeing any metrics for it in the Pendo UI, there are a few reasons why that could be: 

  • How long ago was it published? Guide metrics are updated in the Pendo UI at the top of every hour, so there's a slight delay before the first metrics will appear
  • Check the date filter. If the date range is set to something like Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days, today's data is not included in that view. So if you just published a guide today and it's past the top of the hour when the UI is refreshed, try changing the date filter to Today: 


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  • Also add to the list to verify the first step's location, targeting, and guide activation :) it's exactly why we have guide testing prior to publishing, to weed out any possible kinks that would prevent display and also to verify we'll see the metrics before going live.


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