Referencing pages that are not global

I am building an onboarding guide for our SaaS platform. The first part of the guide references the platform dashboard  which is the same for everybody.

And works great. But halfway through the onboarding, our online builder URL becomes personalized and looks like this...

At which point my guide breaks and I get the error "Target element is not yet present"

I can't figure out how to create the next step in the guide (lightbox, tooltip, whatever) and target an element so that it works for everyone, regardless of what their subdomain URL is.

My guess is I can somehow reference   and leave off whatever the rest of the URL is, but I can't figure out how to make that happen. I tried looking around in the help center articles but didn't find an answer there. 

Any help would be appreciated. I haven't figure out who to get this issue to support. There doesn't seem to be a way to contact them. 



  • Hey Michael Hardenbrook -

    You'll want to use Pendo's Page Tagger to set up a tag that looks like this: 


    The first * is a wildcard to ignore the portion of your URL. 

    The /edit/ defines that as a part of your page that is necessary to be present. 

    The ** at the end tells Pendo to ignore everything after this point (aka the WhateverSubdomainTheUserChose portion of the URL)

  • Michael Hardenbrook You can also check out this article for more on understanding URLs for page tagging in your guide steps:

    Thanks Doug for the assist!


  • I'm still doing something wrong here. Tried tagging a page with the wildcards. I still have to target elements right? It's how I did the rest of the guide that is working correctly.

  • Guide do not have to reference an element. 

    In the location (last screenshot you attached) - if you change the target to 


    and remove the nth-child you should have more luck



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