Does Pendo use NPS?

How does Pendo use Feedback and NPS tools?



  • Yes! We absolutely use both NPS and Pendo Feedback. These are used for different purposes and we actually combine these 2 with our in-app polls and surveys to solicit different types of qualitative feedback. 

    If you want an overview on how to create a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program that combines these, check out this eBook: The Building Blocks of a Successful Voice of Customer Program

    Here's some more detail on how we use these different solutions:

    We track NPS ongoing at a regular cadence. Using NPS in Pendo allows us to understand sentiment over time overall and for our core persona - the product manager. We have an NPS channel in Slack which surfaces this data to everyone in the company and we also reach out to customers when they add additional comments too. This is a great 'ongoing pulse' across the customer base. 

    In-app polls and surveys
    When we need to learn the answer to a specific question, we will use targeted in-app polls and surveys. This is what we call 'active' feedback and we use this a lot when we want to learn about how users are interacting with a specific-feature, or when we want comments on something we have just released.

    Pendo Feedback
    Unlike in-app polls and surveys, Pendo Feedback is 'always on'. You can access feedback using the Resource Center in the bottom-right hand corner of this page! It's also in our software - this allows us to capture the 'passive' or 'on-going' feedback that our users have as they are actually using our products. This is a great wealth of information for our product teams. In the admin side of Pendo Feedback, all of the qualitative data we collect is automatically segmented so we can understand what matters to who and why. 
    This feedback data also appear in Pendo's Insights product alongside usage data. Understanding what users say and what they do, is incredible when it comes to product decisions! 

  • OOOH and if you are interested in NPS for mobile apps in particular, check this out:
    How to use Net Promoter Score to accelerate app success 


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