Custom Action on Guide Last Step

I'm looking to open the Resource Center to a specific area on a button click of the last step of the guide. Has anyone had success with either Java, HTML or CSS to have a button close the guide and open the resource center to a specific area? 


The idea behind this is at the end of the Intro guide they would have an option to "View More Guides" which their links are filed in the resource center and needs to open to the appropriate section.


Thank you in advance for anyone that can help!



  • Hi Brett Fails,

    Would it work if you point a tooltip at the RC bubble (but not a specific module) and add a gif or text explaining how to find the modules in the guide?

    Here's a helpful video to target the Resource Center when you have the designer open:

    Let the community know if this works for you!

  • Hey Howard - 

    I think that could be a fallback plan, or we may just use a gif to highlight where they are located in the resource center through a gif on the last step. I was hoping to find a way to force the resource center to open to the appropriate section. My best guess was possibly through javascript if the internal sections of the Resource Center were tagged with various classes we could hook on to. 



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