Walkthroughs: advancing with buttons vs element clicks

We have found that during a single walkthrough, users get confused if some steps advance with a Next button, while others require them to click an element in the interface.  It seems that moving from one to the other isn't intuitive.  There are times we simply want to point something out on the screen but others when the user needs to interact with the interface.  

Have others experienced this and developed any best practices?  



  • Hey Tracy,

    What I've seen is using advance on element click will help users familiarize themselves with the intended user flow. I.E. instead of using a button that points to the URL of the next page, you would have a guide that doesn't contain and buttons, but rather it tells the user to click on the element to advance. 

  • We have used a mix, especially when we need our users to click on something within a grid and Pendo wouldn't know which of the things the user would need to click on to advance. In those cases, we always include some helper text in the guide step of "Click Next to continue" or similar, and that helps immensely.

    Our preference is to advance on element click. And to Angus' point, it's much better to guide them with a clickpath they must complete instead of "jumping" them to a different page via a button with a URL, because the button doesn't help them learn the path for recreating it later.


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