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We have listings in our resource center that have a unique image/icon, and I want text to pop up next to it when a user hovers over the image - sort of a, "What does this mean". However, when you create a guide you cannot choose to target it to the resource center as it doesn't appear. 

I found , which clarified that you can't create a guide targeted to your resource center as you can only show 1 guide at a time. So, is there any other way to solve this?



  • As a quick update - I found out how to target the element properly (using the video in the other post). But sadly, as Pendo doesn't allow 2 guides to be active, when I hover over it breaks. Goal now is to maybe allow them to click the icon / image instead of hover - but then they would have to open back up the resource center and scroll again to regain their position, as the click would exit the RC. NOT user friendly.

  • Thank you for the update Meghann. I ran into a similar issue in that we wanted all of the guides that are meant to train our users to end with "Hey always refer back to this *pointing at resource center* to launch any guides again that you would like to walk through". One of the ways we did that was simply grabbing the resource center's HTML ID and it just doesn't work in Preview mode. Only when you go to the staging server and launch the guide.

  • Below are step by step instructions for targeting a tooltip to the Resource Center badge. As Dylan mentioned, you won't be able to use 'Preview' and will instead need to test in staging, or test in Production with a limited segment.


    1) Right click and select 'Inspect' on the Resource Center badge to get its unique badge ID. It will look something like this, except that your badge ID will be different: 
    2) Go to to the guide in Pendo and select 'Manage In My App'
    3) Go to the guide step and for Element Location, select the 'Custom CSS' option. Put in the badge ID value, and remember to include the # at the beginning. 
    4) Ignore the error message 'No elements found'. This is expected.
    5) Save and Exit. 
    6) Test your guide 

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