Visitor information is not linking to Account Information

We have integrated the Pendo to our Single Page Application. We have gathered the required information that needs to be sent to pendo and sending it. You can see the logs of the same below:


But the issue we were facing is, the Visitor ID and Account ID both are reflecting in the dashboard, but there is no link between those two. For example in the below screenshots, I have made a call to Pendo with Google as a client and later Nestle as a client. You can see the corresponding meta data (Visitor and Account information) in the debugger window. Everything seems fine from our end.

Now, if I search for the Account ID of Nestle in the Pendo dashboards, it was showing up clearly. But the issue is, in its visitors section its not showing the Visitor ID that was sent to it along with the meta data.


In the same way, vice versa is also an issue. If I search for Visitor ID separately, I  can able to see its entry in the visitors section in Pendo. But, the corresponding Account that it was linked to is missing. It was showing as no Account ID.


So, the gist of the problem was, we are sending the required data to Pendo from our Single Page Application (Angular). Even the data is reflecting in the dashboards as I mentioned. But, the actual tracking is not happening. Also, there is no link between the account and the visitor in the dashboard. I have even waited for few hours thinking that it will reflect, but that’s not happened.


Hope you got my issue.



  • Hi Sai Charan Devalla,

    Thanks for your post in the Community - this seems like you need direct support from our team. I'm glad you've already submitted a ticket so please continue your conversation with our support team. If you have anything you'd like to share with your peers, please comment on the thread with your updates!

  • Hey, I'm just having the same issue, my account info displays "No account ID" but I sent it in the pendo initialization data. Should I submit another ticket equal to this or there's something I can do to solve it? 

  • Hi Blanca Lopez,

    My issue was still not solved. The Pendo team has followed up with me for few days and found the issue was consistent with what I reported. After a week of communication, they had raised a Bug report regarding the same. I am still waiting for a resolution.

    I suggest you raise a request with whatever issue you are facing, it might help the issue to resolve quickly.


    Sai Charan


  • Any updates on this one? 
    We just discovered same issue. Interesting that only portion of visitors get 'No Account ID' even I can find account record with ID we report to Pendo.

  • Hi Aleksandr Batrakov,

    Yes, my problem was resolved by the Pendo support team.

    In our case the issue was that, someone in the team accidentally added the host URL from where we are sending Pendo requests into the exclude list rules as wildcard entries. In other words, please check whether the exclude list of URLs in the Pendo settings contains your website/app URL by any chance.



    Sai Charan

  • Sai Charan Devalla thanks for information! Interesting, we also do have staging in exclusion.
    Will try your solution!



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