Segmentation by product version

I want to show a "What's new" dialog but segment it by product version. I can't find a way to add such info on the API



  • Hi Matan Rosen,

    Thanks for your post in the Discussion Community. Could you clarify what you mean by product version?

    We can create segments for browser version, but I'm not sure what you may be looking for with product version in building a segment with our API docs -

  • Hi, 

    I mean our product version. I want to show release notes that are relevant to a specific audience by product release.
    This is not mentioned in your documentation. I consulted some of the FE developers that work with me and they figured how to move that metadata. This is an important feature, you guys need to put some emphasis on it.

  • Hi Matan,

    Our team uses the Agent Metadata at the Account Level to segment users based on which release of our product they utilize. It's been invaluable for us. You've got to send metadata to Pendo via the snippet - general overview here. Word of caution: This works best when your release number is formatted as a number with only one decimal point (i.e. 1.0). Our releases have multiple decimal points (i.e which requires us to assign it as the text type. Pendo has an article describing the data mapping and metadata types here. It still works for segmenting, but you can't use greater than/less than/equal to rules in your segments when using a text field for releases. So our segments based on release number look like "contains or contains or contains ..." when we're targeting users across multiple releases. I hope that helps. We can talk more about it if you're interested. 

  • Hi Caleb Selders

    Thanks for your help, but it's been 7months since I asked here. My FE team already helped me


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