Resource Center Styling and Padding

I want to edit the margins on the guide list module. Is there a way to customize it?



  • Hey Glenda Araya, looks like you're in the resource center. I believe you're referring to the padding, if so I made a quick 1-min video on how to update it.

    1. Manage in my app

    2. Styling tab

    3. Update the padding for the container/module section

  • Thanks for the info Angus. But that isn't what I meant. I am trying to modify the padding on the Guide list module that I already added to my resource center. This video explains how to change the padding on the "home view" for the RC. I'm trying to change the padding of the specific guide list module screen (product walkthroughs) I attach the screenshot, where the helpful tips page (guide list module) is displayed.

    I'll really appreciate your help. Thanks!

  • Oh got it, thanks for the clarification Glenda Araya, I'm not sure of a way to change the margins for those specific sections, maybe someone else in the community can chime in.

  • Hi Glenda Araya,

    I did find other users submitting feedback on the ability to customize the Resource center - you may want to subscribe and upvote this feature to stay up to date on our product team's progress. Hope this helps!




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