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We are on a trial with Pendo. Currently, we use something called Wiredash to get ad-hoc feedback from our users (whenever they want to). I was just wondering if it is at all possible to do the same with Pendo?

We would like it if it was always available in-app so that users can give feedback anytime they want and so we can access this easily. If this is possible how would we go about implementing it? Does anyone have a general idea of the extra costs too?

I did make a support ticket but I was told that since we are on trial that the support queue is not available to us 



  • Perhaps you could display Wiredash within an iframe in a custom code/sandbox module in the Pendo Resource Center. Or build a guide as a tooltip to make it accessible sitewide in a particular spot on your screen. 

  • We would prefer to use a solution that provides us with both rather than displaying one in the other. But thank you very much for your help though!

  • Hi Mel, 

    Pendo Feedback would be brilliant for your use case, especially if you're already trying Pendo out. Do you have someone here you can contact to request that it's made part of your trial? 

    It allows you to capture customer feedback in-app (whenever they want to give it), analyze it and keep customers in the loop too. 

    If you're using Pendo's analytics, you can see product usage + feedback together and even launch in-app guides when you mark a product request as released. 

    There are 3 brilliant product walkthroughs here if you'd like to see the product in action.

  • Hi Hannah, 

    That sounds fab! 

    Upon raising a ticket to get help with getting this included in the trial - I was told that because I wasn't a paying customer the support queue is not for me.

  • Ah apologies Mel - I should have asked if you were on Pendo Free or not! 

    If you're in your Pendo Free account, you can click "VOC" in the main menu on the left hand side to contact sales for a demo! We are working to add Feedback to the Free offering at some point in the future. 


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