I have three platforms (web, iOS, Android). If I create NPS for each, will they avoid duplicates?

If I create an NPS survey for each platform (web, iOS, Android), is Pendo smart enough to - for example - not show the survey on web if it just showed it to the user on Android?



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    Hey Scott !

    It sure is! Check out this short blog post which covers NPS best practices across mobile + web. Here's a nice extract that answers your question:

    "In Pendo, you can segment your NPS surveys based on a whole range of factors from job title and time of first visit to whether a customer uses your iOS or Android app. You can also ensure that users aren’t shown the NPS across web and mobile; you can target them on one platform alone, making sure you aren’t showing someone the same NPS survey twice. "

  • Thanks for the response, Hannah! So are you saying that in order to avoid users seeing it on both platforms, I'd have to specifically target one platform or another?

    Ideally, if a user is chosen to participate in NPS, it would show on whichever platform they use next and then not show on others. For example, if I start my day on iOS, I'd see it there, and I wouldn't see it on the web when I sign in there later in the day, or vice versa. Does that make sense?

  • It does make sense...thank you! 

    Let me double check with the team and get back to you. 

  • Hi again Scott, I've consulted with the experts ! Here's more detail for you:

    It is possible to ensure a user only sees the NPS survey on ONE of the platforms they are using to access your products. 

    To do this in Pendo, you would:

    1. Create an NPS guide for each app

    2. Target the NPS survey to a specific user segment

    You can set up a segment to target a Guide to users who have 'Viewed' or 'Not Viewed' a different or previously deployed Pendo Guide. There's more information on that just here.

  • So is it accurate then that if I want to send an NPS survey to my iOS and Android users, I need to create TWO NPS guides (one for each platform)?  How can I see my global NPS score then, or do I have to make my own report based on the two NPS reports created for iOS and Android?

  • Great question, Nate. I'm curious as well.

  • Hi Nate Larson,

    Yes you would need to create two NPS guides. And you would have to create your own report based on the two NPS reports created for the mobile platforms. Our team is aware of this extra step and are looking to work on this going forward. 

    Hope this helps!


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