Resource Center Module Fails to Display?

So I had everything working for my new Resource Center release and announcement!  Yeeaaaaa!. Wrong...

When I looked at the RC it looked like this.

Customers saw this. 

Because I failed to note that in the Resource Center in Pendo > Draft Section > Module(s) was set to Stagged and incorrect segment. 

Ensure the below for the Guide and the Segment are correct. 
Correct. (The guide is Public. The segment is Everyone.)

Now clients see this as desired from the start.



  • Super helpful tips Tim Macnamara! To add on, another gotcha is you need to have some content in your modules, otherwise, nothing will show.

    For example, this happens sometimes when customers initially launch a resource center with an announcement module, but no announcements. If there's nothing to show, then the module (and even the RC badge itself) won't display.


  • haha Angus Yang, it's not just customers, I scared myself too when the guide modules weren't appearing as well. 

    Thanks Tim Macnamara for sharing this great walkthrough! Check those segments and draft statuses!

  • ... and last but not least, make sure Page Location of your Guides aligns with the module's presence. 

    If you create module with guides that only show on Page A, the module will only appear when the user is on Page A. 

  • Hi all!  Doug's comment helped me understand why my Guide List module whasn't showing.
    But I still don't understand something.
    In my Guide List module I only have one guide for the moment as I'm just implementing the RC and doing tests.
    The Page Location of my Guide List module is 'Sitewide'.
    The Page Location of my guide is also 'Sitewide'. The guide has also an activation setting that is a badge.
    Because the Page Location is Sitewide for the module and the guide, I would expect the Guide List module appears in the RC from any page of my app.
    But, it only appears in the RC when I'm on the page where the badge of my guide is. Does that mean a badge 'overwrites' the 'Sitewide' setting?

  • marielle.morizot Another point to keep in mind for such guides is that the first step should not have any target element attached with it when you set the page location to sitewide.

    In you case your guide was getting activated via a badge as well which was conflicting with the sitewide setting for the guidelist module within RC.

    Best way to do this is to not set any activation method for your guide in the guide list module and keep the first step as a welcome step with buttons to trigger the actual guide.

    If you need any more help, you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Rohit Pandey Thanks for you answer!

    "keep the first step as a welcome step with buttons to trigger the actual guide" = my guide has only one step, it's just annoucing/explaining one feature, so actually I don't have a welcome steps and buttons to trigger the guide, if I understand well what you said.

    Also, if I understand well, if I want to have both my guide with a badge/target element and in the Resource center (not sure yet if we want it only on the RC, or both in the RC + the guide itself with the badge) I could duplicate the guide, leave the original as is, set the new one to 'Sitewide' with no badge/target element, and put this one in the RC.
    I'd appreciate if you can confirm this is a good method :)

    Have a nice day/evening

  • Yes that's what I do in our environment marielle.morizot


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