How to increase NPS response rate?

Our in-app NPS survey response rate is currently 2%. How do we increase this to ensure we're collecting more feedback? 



  • Hi Alli Bordogna,

    Thanks for posting this question on the Discussion Community!

    We have some suggestions and best practices that you can do to improve NPS response rate:

    Hope this helps you and your customers! Let us know if you have any further progress to share with the Community!

  • To add to this, we get a lot of questions about what to expect with NPS response rates, what is a good or bad response rate? It will definitely vary based on a couple of factors like:

    1. Who is the NPS survey targeted towards? Different personas may be more inclined to respond to surveys than others, B2B companies may have a higher response rate than B2C.

    2. How frequently do you send this? If someone sees an NPS survey with high frequency like every 30 days, they may only choose to respond once or if they only see it more sporadically like every 90 days, then they may be more inclined to answer.

    Some things to consider when setting up NPS!


    Also if you're seeing a low volume of responses, somethings to consider are:

    - How many views have there been so far? Is it just a limited segment or is the NPS targeted to everyone?

    - Is the NPS survey set for sitewide or a specific page? Specific pages could result in lower response volume.

    - Is the survey turned on for even distribution? Even distribution naturally results in lower daily responses but more consistent responses over time.


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