How to see total page views and/or feature clicks for all pages/features


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    Howard Lio

    Hey Jim Dyer,

    I think your best bet may be using group events of the API and adjust for the proper date range:

    Events - grouped

    The following row sources require a date range (relative or absolute) and period (day). They return a row of data for each unique combination of day/hour, visitorId, accountId, server name, and IP address.

    events All recorded click and pageview events (tagged or untagged)
    featureEvents All recorded click events matching tagged features
    pageEvents All recorded pageviews matching tagged pages
    trackEvents All recorded trackEvents

    All grouped event sources can be sent with a details query param set to true. If this query param is set, then a details object will be returned in the response, unless no details are present.


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