Multiple badges in a single guide

Can I create one guide for a page that contains multiple badges?  I would like to use multiple badges on a single web page and would like them to all be contained in a single guide.  How can I do this?



  • Hi N/A,

    Thanks for sharing with the Community! Unfortunately, you can't have multiple badges active on the page at the same time, but you can create the badge to kick off a guide with multiple steps afterwards.

    Is there a reason you want to have multiple badges on the page? This would be useful information to submit for a feature request in feedback ( 


  • Howard Lio Thank you for the response.  I am using badges as tooltips to explain product features and have created them as separate badges.

  • I have the same request. Our use case though is we have a table with several rows in it and we want badges for tooltips next to the different values in the row. We have about 3-4 different workflows we want to highlight, and they may show up several times in the table so want to put a badge on each one to make it easier for the user. Is there a way to do this through the Pendo JS API?

  • It seems strange that you can't just add multiple badges to a page in one guide. So for a page, I would need to add a guide each time I want to add a badge? Seems a bit excessive.

  • I would like a badge to appear next to the same word that appears in different sections of a complicated form. The information to "define" the terms is heavy with legal and needs to be readily available as the user works through the very long form. In this case, one guide for multiple badges is ideal. 

  • I would also like to be able to do this. Have there been any pendo roadmap discussions on enabling this for end users?


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