Can Pendo support dark or light mode of an application

Is there a way for Pendo to support Dark or Light mode of an application? Essentially we would want to deploy two different versions of the same guide (slightly different designs) based on whether the user is in Dark or Light mode on the site.


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  • Currently there is not an out of the box method to accomplish this, but we do have a feature request already for this idea:
    Comment below or upvote the feedback suggestion if you're interested in seeing this request on the roadmap.

    Some workarounds we've seen include:

    • If you try to pass the light mode or dark mode as metadata to Pendo - then make 2 guides (1 for each mode).
    • Possible implementation method: Create a Product level "Dark Theme" toggle. When the "Dark Theme" toggle is switched on, Pendo can switch between user-defined Themes based on Segment or Visitor Level Data via Agent.

    • You can make the dark/light setting available as a CSS variable in your app. Then use Pendo's Global CSS to change the background and text color of guides by setting them equal to those variables. The only problem with this approach can be changing the color of the little caret (pointer) for tooltips. That caret needs to be styled separately from the rest of the guide container which can be inconvenient.

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