Can I embed a video in a mobile guide?

Hi, I've embedded a Vidyard video in a guide in our web app. We haven't installed Pendo yet in our mobile app so I haven't been able to test this. Is it possible to embed a video in mobile guide?



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    As Howard mentioned, we're currently adding the ability to have videos on mobile guides. Within a couple of weeks you'll be able to add YouTube videos to any popup guides.

  • Hi Bridget Lamb

    Thanks for your question in the Discussion Community. Right now this is not possible for mobile guides, but this is a feature request our team is working on right now.

    Currently the request is now in the "Building" phase, so looking forward to sharing more updates from them on when the feature will be delivered.

  • Hi Bridget! 

    To confirm, YouTube video support has been released for iOS and Android in SDK 2.12.

  • Thank you for the update!


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