Resource Center Not Reappearing After Navigation to New Pages

I hope this is a configuration that I'm overlooking...

Our recently launched Resource Center disappears upon navigation between some pages. The only way to have it re-display is using the browser refresh. I have confirmed that the Resource Center is set to re-open between pages.

Link to Demonstration of the Resource Center displaying and then reappearing.

Any ideas on what I could be missing?



  • Hey Robyn Casanova,

    Thanks for your post in the Discussion Community and also for this helpful video to show what's happening within your Resource Center. That's really odd the RC is not appearing after you navigate to different pages in the app. 

    Here's one more thing that we can do to check before submitting a ticket to our team:

    When the RC is available and showing initially, can you open up the developer console and type pendo.validateInstall()?
    Then when the RC disappears, open up the developer console and use pendo.validateInstall() again? Hopefully we get some more hints as to what's happening with the Pendo and your RC. 
  • Thank you Howard Lio.

    Screencast of Pendo Validation

    I'm wondering if that initial JS error is the culprit? 

  • Hey Robyn Casanova,

    Thanks for the great video and odd to see that there aren't really any clear errors when we validate Pendo installation during navigation or after the refresh. I don't think the initial JS error has much to do with the guides disappearing after navigating your app, but I would trust our handy support engineering team for further investigation.

    I would submit a ticket and share these two videos that you already made for the Community, but really interested to see what's the culprit and will follow for further updates :) 

    Thanks again for your help and sharing!

  • Can you tag features on the users page? that is another way to see if pendo is loaded on that page. I've recently been troubleshooting something where I could not tag features on a page, and found that our engineering team were using some super advanced dynamic iframe where pendo was not loaded. The trick was making sure that I ran pendo.validateinstall() targeted at the iframe rather than other parts of the page (chrome lets you set the context).


  • Damian Thanks for trying to help. But at this point, I'm a bit out of my comfort zone. I have Pendo looking at our environment and hope to have a solution soon. 

    As a sidenote: As far as I could tell, I was able to successfully tag elements on our pages.


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