How to avoid printing the Resource Center badge

Our app allows the user to create a PDF of their screen to print out the content. However the Resource Center badge is coming along for the ride and obstructing some content in the PDF. Any suggestions for how to hide the badge in this type of scenario?

Is there a way to block the RC from loading on a particular page URL and still have it appear on the rest of the site?



  • Hi Eric! If you use a print style sheet for formatting the printed version of your site - you could add an additional rule to that stylesheet to hide the resource center badge. More information on print style sheets can be found at

    Using this method you can target either the specific ID of your resource center badge, or the more generic class and hide the element using CSS. The print style sheet would only apply when someone is printing the page - so the resource center would still appear on the page when not being printed. 

    I have included an example of the class below:

    ._pendo-resource-center-badge-container {
    display: none ;

    You would add that CSS rule specifically to the style sheet that is applied when printing. 

    We do not currently have an exclude rule to limit specific pages from having the resource center, but there is an open feature request that can be found here for you to vote on

  • Thanks Todd Stoffer for chiming in on my question.


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