In app NPS vs email NPS



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    Liz Feller

    I will say our engagement with NPS and response rate is significantly higher, and by doing it in-app we can see what visitors were doing before responding, etc.

    If you use a non-Pendo system to send email NPS, you lose some of the OOTB ability to analyze possible correlations between scores and other user behavior like pages visitors, feature use, guides used, etc. Plus, it's harder to then target guides or other Pendo pieces to visitors who give you a specific score, whereas having it all done in-app makes it super easy.

    For us :)

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    Is there a way you white label /customize the email template if we choose to use in-app+email option for NPS Survey. Looks like as of now the email goes to the customer as pendo template. Which defeats the purpose for our org, as we want the customers to see our name and details rather than showing as powered by Pendo and the email address/ head quarters details. Did anyone came thru the same issue?

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