Tagging checkboxes

  1. Are we able to tag a checkbox so that we can track when it is enabled/disabled?
    1. If so, how can we track more than just clicks on anything we have tagged?
    2. How do we view the statistics of when a checkbox is enabled or disabled?
    3. Are we able to determine a percentage of users which have it checked and unchecked?


  • Being able to tag a checkbox more granularly (so that you know when a user was checking or unchecking it) depends on the underlying code of the application. If a different class or ID is added to the checkbox for a particular state then you would be able to. For example, if I have a checkbox with a default class of '.checkbox' that appears when it is unchecked, but that class changes to '.checkbox-selected' I would be able to tag both of those as separate features in Pendo. That would allow me to see things like the statistics of when it was clicked on to enable it vs when it was clicked on to disable it. If the underlying code doesn't update based on the state of the checkbox you may want to look into setting up a track event to track that behavior. 

  • I have the following situation:

    <label for="taskInfo" class="checkboxField--checked" aria-checked="true">

        <input id="taskInfo" class="checkboxField__input" type="checkbox">



    A <label> containing a <input> checkbox. When the <input> is checked, a class (checkboxField--checked) is added to the <label> and the "aria-checked" attribute is set from "false" to "true". Even after setting a custom "aria-checked" HTML attribute, clicks on the checkbox aren't recognized when using the following event rule: label[for=taskInfo][aria-checked="false"]. The console command "Pendo.Sizzle('label[for=taskInfo][aria-checked="false"]')" correctly (and uniquely) identifies the label item within the HTML – but interaction isn't recognized. 

    Is there any way to fix this? This is a make-or-break scenario for Pendo in our current product context...

    I did fix my issue by delving into the Sizzle Documentation on GitHub.

    I'm using [aria-checked="false"]>#taskInfo to listen to clicks on the <input> item IN RELATION to its parent with the aria-checked value.

    [aria-checked="false"]>#taskInfo to track Off->On state checks.
    [aria-checked="true"]>#taskInfo to track On->Off state checks.

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