On Production Site - pendo.validateInstall() not working correctly

Hi Team, 

we are facing some issues on Production Site, pendo.validateInstall(), it always gives us below response,

visitor metadata (does this look right?):
account metadata (does this look right?):

but when we try to log pendo.getVisitorId(), pendo.getAccountId(), we get the correct resposne of Visitor Id and Account ID.

On the other hand, when we try to do pendo.validateInstall(), on Staging site it gives us completed visitor metadata and account metadata. 

Can you help us to troubleshoot this. 



  • Hi Nitesh Meshram

    To be sure Pendo is running correctly in your Production site, can you open your console and run "pendo.initialize()". It should return undefined but that's okay. 

    Next, run "pendo.isReady()" which is just a callback to confirm Pendo is running. Should return true.

    Now run "pendo.validateInstall()" and make sure your filters are set to "Default Levels" or "All Levels" with info checked. 

    Do you see any metadata now? If not, please open a ticket with us here

  • Hey Friends,
    I am experiencing the same issues described above. The only difference is that I can get the correct metadata back from pendo.getSerializedMetadata(). I have double and triple-checked the installation.


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