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I am trying to tag a page and it has a number of widgets on it.. as an example, consider a widget inside on a community home page that shows a tag cloud of the various posts. Each tag in the tag cloud is clickable. I want to track how many people are clicking on any of the tags (not really interested in understanding which specific tag is clicked). 

In the above case, I am tagging the entire Tag widget described above instead of individual tags. If the tagging is done like that, will Pendo track all click events in the tag widget?



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  • Hi, Minir - 

    If you're interested in seeing all data associated with this one feature set, I may suggest merging several feature rules into one "super" feature rule. It may look something like this: 

    In this example, both rules would calculate as "one" feature and can be reported either separately or together depending on the feature chosen for analysis. This article explains how to merge new features with existing features.


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