Internal Request Form for Guides

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a good example of a request form for internal teams to use when they want a Guide created. I have a general idea of how we can implement the process internally, but I'm stuck on which fields to include in such a form.

Plus, shouldn't there be different fields for polls/surveys vs. tooltips vs. guides? Does anyone have experience creating forms for these?




  • Hey Joanna Caballero

    Here's an example of what we require internally (through a slack workflow), but of course feel free to adjust to your needs!

    Guide approval request:

    1. Name of Guide - Analytics Walkthrough
    2. Link to Guide - URL
    3. Which Sub or App (Optional)?
    4. What is the purpose of this guide? Guide new users through creating a report in the analytics section.
    5. Desired audience (target segment)? Active Customers
    6. Specific Page or Sitewide? 
    7. Related Product Area - This will determine who needs to review your Guide
    8. Desired publish date? ASAP
    9. Desired publish time? ASAP
    10. Desired expiration? No expiration


  • The list Angus provided is a great starting point and, as he mentioned, what we use internally.  One addition I like to emphasize when defining this process with my clients, however, is to define the desired outcome for a guide.  What needle are you looking for a guide to move?  Adoption, sentiment, or even just visibility are all common examples of these.  But, with this outcome in mind, you can work with your teams to define KPIs or Goals to track against to ensure the guide is having the desired impact and isn't just 'another distraction' to your end users.


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