What features should I tag?

A question that we come across a lot whether it's a new customer on Pendo or someone who is looking to audit/refresh their existing tags is, "what features should I tag?"

Here are some best practices:

  • Don't boil the ocean - Tag the features that you're most interested in seeing the usage on (If seeing the number of clicks for a "Dismiss" button isn't useful, then you don't need to tag it.) Pendo holds retroactive data so even if you don't tag something today, you'll still be able to access that data if you tag it months from now. 
  • Tag items that you're interested in seeing the workflow of. For example, in Pendo we may want to tag the "Guides" navigation element, the "Create Guide" button, and "Save Guide" button to see how many users actually complete it. 
  • Auditing existing features - If you need to see what features you've already tagged, you can use the "Heatmap" feature and check your main pages to quickly see what features haven't been tagged yet.

Anyone else have best practices to share here?




  • Hi Angus,

    we are struggling a bit with just that question - what to tag. Providing hundreds of features and workflows in our multiple modules, it seems an overwhelming job to map that all. Have you come across any best practises for such a situation meanwhile?


  • I agree with Angus and don't worry so much about tagging everything up front as Pendo is so forgiving in that you can tag things later but will pull data from the date of installation.

    I started to make this mistake and pulled back a bit when we first started with Pendo.  My similar advice is to first focus on those most critical workflows and tag those features and pages.  Look at your key personas and make sure you've tagged items that at least target these key areas.  Then you can possibly address areas of your platform you think should be utilized or maybe are NOT currently a key workflow---but you want them to be.  Or focus on key areas where you want to answer questions like "is this feature being used?  What key customers are using XYZ?  Who is NOT"--this can help define some of those next areas to begin tagging. 

    Now 2 years in, I've realized that I may have "over tagged" a few things and missed some key tags (role-based functionality that was hidden from me) so quarterly I do a review to clean up, merge, tweak/refine some of my tags.  We still haven't tagged every single button or feature in our platform and probably never will-- well... until I need to answer a question about usage! :)

  • Thanks for your input Ellie OConnor

    I wonder if the over tagging is merely an unnecessary work, or if it also can distort the analysis when blending key features with clicks that are tagged to identify a specific behaviour. For example when measuring the overall feature adoption. Do you have experienced issues there?


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