Number of Eligible Visitors not appearing correctly


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I've noticed when including a segment on a guide the eligible users appears as "0" or no where near the actual segment CSV list. 

For example, I submitted a CSV with 299 visitors and once placed on the guide it appeared as "0" eligible users.

Another case, the segment list was 30k users and on the guide on 25 appeared. That seems really off.  

Can someone walk me through what could be causing this issue?




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  • Hi, Kiara - It could be a number of reasons. One, maybe the segment list you're uploading has visitors in it that Pendo has actually never seen (ie, they haven't logged into your product). Two, maybe the Visitor ID format is incorrect. To troubleshoot this, we suggest exporting the results of a report using a different, Pendo native segment as a CSV, removing all columns except the Visitor ID, creating a new segment, and uploading the CSV to the new segment. Then run the same report using the new segment.
    This A -> B comparison should help with whether it's a bug or user error. If they don't match, you're best off submitting a ticket to so we can look into it further! Hope this helps!

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