Segmenting all users into four groups

I want to segment all my users into 4 groups according to the user journey of my product and I would like to get advice on the segmentation rules I need to create:

1- Evaluators - I will be using account data from my system

2 - Beginners - These are first time users, I will use: 

  • First Visit within last 30 days AND
  • Number of Days Active lesser or equal to 14 within last 30 days

So I get all users who joined in the last month and have been active for only two weeks.

3 - Regulars - These are users who work regularly with the app and I will show them feature updates. I don't know how to segment them.

4 - Champions - These have been active for a year and have answered NPS surveys. So I will use time on site more than X during the past 12 months, and Guide rules where they saw the survey. (I don't know if this means they submitted)

I would love to get your comments. Thanks



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  • HI Eitan, 

    One thing I always like to keep in mind as I'm working with segments is whether or not the segment will ever be intended to be used in the context of presenting a guide, as there are some ineligible segments for guide presentation (presented here

    Perhaps you could identify your Regulars group via interaction with your core events?  Using "And" Rules, the segment could be based on "has seen" page X within last 14 days AND "has used" feature Y within last 14 days.  

    I love the use of NPS score segmentation to identify your champions as well. 



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