Error Uploading Segment CSV

When I am uploading a segment, it takes about 3-5 minutes to upload a 50kb file. When it finishes the "Eligible Visitors" list says 0 and shows two messages: 

"There is an error with this Segment. Please click Edit Segment to update."
"We’re processing your CSV file. Eligible visitors appear as they are processed. Large segments may take several minutes to complete." 

When I click to edit, there is just the one rule and no indication that there is anything wrong with the file I uploaded. 
I have 
1. Removed header of list
2. Copied list from excel into a text editor to ensure the list is stripped of any nonsense. No extra commas or anything else. 
3. Tried uploading a different csv list. (It did not give the error, but that same csv is uploaded to another segment that has a number of "Eligible Visitors" 
4. Validated that a few of the ID's are searchable. I am using the accountID data point on the Account Data. 

What else can I do? 



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    Following up here. Confirming that what you’re experiencing is intentional, because different users may have case sensitive databases. 

    However - we could definitely do a better job of in-app messaging around this in the csv upload experience. I will pass this along to the product team!


  • I figured it out. 

    Our AccountIDs are a long string of numbers and letters. In Pendo they show as Lower case. 
    ex. - 2jn2jk3jk123hn-2k3hj02n-12kj3hn23n

    The list we pulled from our SalesForce had generated the list of AccountIDs as Upper case only for some reason. 
    ex - 2JN2JK3JK123HN-2K3HJ02N-12KJ3HN23N

    I had to run an excel formula on the list of "=lower()" to lowercase everything. Now the list is read when uploaded. 

    This is a huge Bug in Pendo that they are strict with the upper and lowercase of characters on upload lists for segments. Either let us know that it exists or change it to accept either case when uploading. 

  • Hi Spencer Buchanan - thanks so much for updating your post, and for flagging this apparent gap. I'll reach out to our Product team for some context on this and will share any updates as soon as I hear back. 


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