Measuring Navigation Efficiency

We are trying to measure how efficient document navigation is. For context, our application allows users to create sales proposals. Similar to PowerPoint, users can see different pages of the document in navigation side bar.

We are trying to baseline and measure efficiency for an experimental changes to the navigation. Efficient navigation means users are able to pick the desired page in the navigation and land there. Sometimes users might be confused about what page they are trying to find and it takes cycling through various pages to find the right one.

We would like to use Pendo to measure sequential clicks in the navigation. For example, what proportion of users who engaged with navigation had 5 sequential clicks vs. 10 before disengaging with navigation.

We tried playing around with Funnels and Paths, but can't quite figure it out. Thoughts / suggestions?



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  • Hi Victor, 

    I think you are on the right track regarding Funnels and Paths.  

    The big distinction for me about which one of these tools might be most useful, is whether or not you have hypothesis about the desired path a user should take.  If this is the case, then a funnel, where you establish Step A, Step B, Step C, can help you understand where users dropped off.   

    If you are more hoping to understand potential looping behavior a path can be more effective. 

    An overview of these tools can be found in the Pendo Academy if that is of help!


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