Add funnels & paths to a dashboard

Hi ! I am new to PENDO & this might be a silly question but I am struggling to find a way to add a saved funnel or path to a dashboard. When I click on 'Add a widget', I can't find these options in the list.

Can someone help? Thanks!




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    Hi Malvika Sahu! Welcome to the wonderful world of Pendo! This is actually a great question. We do not currently have widgets available for funnels and paths. However, it is a highly requested feature on Pendo Feedback, which you should be able to vote and comment on here:

    Let us know if you have any other questions, or if there's anything else we can help with as you're getting started with Pendo!

  • Hi Molly Masterson Thank you so much for your prompt response. Since I can't add funnel or path to a dashboard, what is the next best option to report pathing in the dashboard?

  • Hi – Pendo is amazing! I'm starting out using it and I have this same question and need as above... it's hard to understand why this isn't available in Pendo dashboards as a core feature. To echo Malvika's question, what's the best way to get this data into the dashboards, since we also can't embed Pendo URLs as iframe sources? Thanks!

  • Hi I use the Text Widget to add description and link to the Path/Funnel reports 

  • That's a cool idea – thank you! Have you found a way to automate the sending of the dashboard as an email?

  • Following up on this, is there a timeframe on when adding paths and funnels to dashboard will be available? This is the primary use for Pendo and our team is requesting dashboards to easily view and share across the organization. 

  • +1 for this request to show funnels in dashboards. I'm a bit surprised to see this isn't supported and limits the functionality that our dashboards are able to deliver today.

  • Hey Pendo team - Any updates on when this will be available? Seems quite foundational and aligned with driving value to your customer's executive audiences

  • Update: Adding funnels to dashboards has been released to production! See the article for more information.


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