"Manage Exclude & Include Lists"

My name is Nir Malchy, my email is nmalchy@flourishsoftware.com.
I am trying to exclude the users of my company from the analytics components.

In the "Manage Exclude & Include Lists" I have, under Visitor ID, two items (screenshot attached):

"*@flourishsoftware.com" - exclude emails such as nmalchy@flourishsoftware.com
"*@flourishsoftware.com"*" - Exclude the way we login to the clients environment: that would be "nmalchy@flourishsoftware.com_as_CLIENT_EMAIL@DOMAIN>COM"

Despise that settings, the users with the emails above are included in the segments. Why?
How can I exclude the user emails that are set as above from my segmentations and ALL the Analytics?



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  • Hi, Nir - have you tried using one of the other methods of excluding visitors from analytics? If yes and this still isn't working as expected, please email support@pendo.io for assistance with troubleshooting!


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