Pendo Track Event Not Showing for some Accounts

Hi there,

We have an issue where pendo track events are not showing for other users but it shows for myself when testing locally via localhost. Yes, a proper account id and visitor id is passed in for both when Pendo is initialized.

I was sending in arrays, and although Pendo doesn't accept that(which I learned later) it still shows the track event with my account(or another one that I test locally) within pendo "Track Events" view. I have since changed to convert the arrays to strings ie: 'An,Example,Like,So'. Could that be why another account wasn't able to have these events show on their end?

In your documentation it says "Property names must use lowercase letters, numbers, or underscores only" Can track event keys be camelCase? I am seeing this in your documentation example but also seeing with underscores, which is the appropriate format to use within a client app, as we have? I would think camelCase is fine but wanted to verify since data is not being shown.

Another related question. It says in your documentation that Pendo track events can only receive 1 event per second. So what happens when there are say, 3 sent in a second? Does the first one get sent and the last 2 ignored? And say I send another one in another second, does tracking still work as it should or does this get ignored/blocked for some time? Again asking because it seems some events are not coming in.

Thanks for your help.



  • Update:

    After fixing some values, ie. making sure arrays are strings and no null values and sending keys with underscore instead of using camel case it worked but it would still be great to have clarification on these concerns for other users.

  • Thanks for updating your post Mariya Diminsky!


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