Forcing user to interact with guide then closing after appropriate actions taken

I have created a guide that appears for all first time users which directs them to take our 101 training course. I am preventing the new user from closing/ignoring the guide however, I want the guide to automatically dismiss once the user clicks the "take me to training" button in the guide. I have it set so the "take me to training" button opens up an additional tab. 



  • Hey Nick,

    You can add a second button action in addition to the URL link that you already have and set the action to 'Dismiss Guide'.

    This will result in the guide being dismissed when they open the link to your training course. Here's an example:


  • I have it setup that way but it's not dismissing the guide after I click the "take me to training button"

  • Update: In your screenshot, which I believe is the Behavior window when in Design Mode, I see there is a General dropdown/dialogue box. I am not seeing that in mine. Could this be my issue?


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