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Hi all! I am new to Pendo and trying to organize my company's account. I am realizing that our Account ID's don't appear to be set up correctly. There are the same amount of account ID's as Visitor IDs. Our company needs to operate mainly on an account level where one account (we would use company ID) includes many employees (visitor IDs).

How can we remedy this? I am hoping it doesn't mean that we need to re-install Pendo, but we need to find a solution relatively quickly. 





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  • Hey Chloe, 

    The first step here would be to take a look at the current configuration with one of your Developers.  Some instructions to do so can be found here.

    In the case that you are passing the same value for both fields, you would not need to re-install, but rather just update the snippet with a new value for Account ID.  

    Some things to be aware of are that the new Account ID would start flowing in after the update, but all the previous data would still show the previous Account ID. Overtime, most, if not all of your users will migrate over to the new Account IDs profile that you pass in, so until then, or if you are looking at historical data you would need to take that into consideration when creating segments (including both old and new Account Id's). Eventually when all your users log in and 'get' their new account IDs, segmenting should be pretty straight forward as long as you aren't looking back to a time prior to the snippet update.


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