Tech Note: Add a chart to show trending monthly active users (MAUs) to the Dashboard

Update: There is an even easier way to do this. Add the Weekly Visitors widget to the Dashboard, and modify the widget to show monthly visitors. 



It's easy to see the trend for Monthly Active Visitors by going to People > Visitors (described in this Community Post), but it would be even more valuable to show this on a Dashboard as an additional widget. Follow the steps below to learn how to do this!


Create a Data Explorer Report

1)  Go to Behavior > Data Explorer and click 'Create Report'

2) Click on 'Select Data Source' and choose 'Any Activity'. After making that selection, confirm that it says 'Number of Visitors' and 'Any Activity'. 

3) Click on Select Apps and choose the application 

4) For Date Range, choose 'Last 180 days' and Monthly. This will allow the report date range to refresh automatically, and always give you the last 6 months.

5) For Segment, make sure it's set to the default selection of 'Everyone'

6) Click on 'Run' and view the chart. 

Your selections should look like this


After you click Run, the resulting line graph should look the same as what you see in People > Visitors.

Below is an example chart from Data Explorer.

Below is an example chart from People > Visitors 



Save and add as a widget to your Dashboard

1) Scroll to the top of your Data Explorer report and click 'Save' in the upper right hand corner

2) Name the report

3) Set Visibility to Everyone

4) Either add this chart to an existing Dashboard or create a new Dashboard. 

5) Click 'Save Report'




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