Trying to disable Resource Center

Tried to do the advice here: I said if page visit greater than 1 in last 120 days on our two main pages as the segment. However, when I go to use that segment on a guide it says it isn't compatible with guides?

We have a customer-facing sub-domain that I'm trying to exclude from showing the resource center without doing dev work, but the segments I can think of using all just keep saying they aren't compatible with guides. Thoughts?



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  • Sometimes if you mess with the page visit / guide visit / feature click by changing to "Seen Ever" it will work for guides. My advice is to set the segment to the guide FIRST, then go to edit the segment, since then it will ONLY show you the fields / rules that are compatible with guides. Or maybe you can use the URL/most recent server name if the subdomain has something unique?



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