Way to Minimize Guide - Snooze is not enough

I would love to create a way for a guide to be "minimized" similar to this clip in Linkedin or Facebook Messenger. 
The reason is I have had users tell me, "I really like the popups, but most of the time it pops up right when I get in the app/page. I dont have time then, but 5 minutes later, I want to see that popup and check out what is going on." 

I try to create noninvasive popup, but it blocks key content and it does not allow them to keep it up and work in our app. The snooze works, but it will popup next only when they are back in, say next day. The problem is they are busy again and dont have time after the task to leave it up, thus keeping in a loop of "I dont have time for this even though I Want to see it." 

Three ways to solve this - 
1. Minimizing would be a great way to allow them to keep it nearby and then come back to it when they can. 
2. Allow them to click a "snooze" button and choose when to snooze it. 
3. Choose WHEN to have a guide popup once they get on a page. If they arrive in the app for the day, have it popup 1 minute later to let them have a chance to look at what is shown. 

Are any of these available currently or are these all feature requests? 




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  • Totally agree with the summary of the challenge around snoozing guides and potential solutions.

    One workaround to consider would be to have a button action on the guide (e.g. "Minimize") which moves the guide to step 2, which is just a clickable image in the corner of the page and nothing more.  Clicking on the image moves the guide back to step 1.  Making an image clickable requires a few lines of custom JS.  Would that help your scenario?


  • Spencer Buchanan these are great suggestions and would be feature requests. However, you can use a custom code block to achieve some of this.

    1. Here's a code block on minimizing a guide.
    2. You can create multiple snooze buttons as a workaround here, maybe a snooze for 5 minutes and snooze for 1 day?
    3. Here's some JS that can be used for delaying a guide this way you can delay the guide from showing up until they've been on the page for a minute (or any time interval you choose).

    Keep in mind the custom code in this repo is provided as example code you can use, please use it at your own discretion, we don't provide any support for custom code.

  • Thanks for the replys. I saw the minimize code option and I am leery of any custom code if it is something that others on my company would want to use. Having it more innate to the system would be easier for me to not be internal support to the other teams using pendo in my company. 

    Same with the delay guide idea. I will see, but not having it as an option without supporting someone to modify code will be ideal.

    Multiple snooze buttons is fine , but that sounds like a mess of buttons. Any best practices on when too many buttons is too many? 

    Guess I need to put in some feature requests. 


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