Visitor Report Subscriptions

We would like to be able to receive email subscriptions of Visitor Reports on a daily basis. I see that a weekly summary is available, but we would like our sales team to be able to call on anyone who is logging into our app on a daily basis. It seems if you can do a summary, then a daily report would not be difficult, as it's just a different date range. Is this possible? 

Thank you!



  • So doesn't seem like there is functionality for daily emailed reports right now, but you could create a segment of "users who logged in at least seven times in the last seven days" and then have THAT every Monday morning? :/ Otherwise yes it's a visitor report that they'd have to log in to Pendo to see and the date range would be anyone who logged in on the previous day.

  • Thanks Liz Feller. Ideally we want them to get it every day vs. weekly. We'll keep trying! : )