Can I send the same NPS survey to both mobile app users and Webapp users?

We have a mobile application with a complimentary webapp application. Is there a way to send the NPS survey to both applications, targeting the same users; but making sure that a user who responds on the mobile app doesn't see the survey on the webapp and vice versa? 

It currently looks like I have to pick one application when creating the NPS Guide. Ideally, if a user is chosen to participate in NPS, it would show on whichever platform they use next and then not show on others. For example, if I start my day on iOS, I'd see it there, and I wouldn't see it on the web when I sign in there later in the day, or vice versa.



  • I believe you could accomplish this through adding segment rules of "the user hasn't viewed the other NPS survey in the last 180 days" or whatever timeframe you are using. I'd look at your device usage before deciding how to go forward, since maybe you find that one group of your users is predominantly mobile and the other/another is predominantly desktop -- then you just make NPS surveys for those segments for the device type they use the most, and it kind of takes care of itself.

  • Thanks Liz, but our users have access to both Mobile app and Webapp and I would like to consolidate the NPS scores. If I create 2 different NPS surveys then I can't see all the scores in one place.


    Playing around with "The Designer", I stumbled across these options and I'm not sure what "All devices" means? 

  • So you can make an NPS dashboard to include multiple metrics together across surveys if you want. All devices would mean any device, but you would need to be careful with responsiveness and width of your survey and how it looks, since mobile devices look and feel so different on the interface :)

  • Liz Feller I have the same scenario as Ari. 

    To confirm: if I have the same group of users that can use different platforms it's not possible to setup only one guide for all of them. I'd need to set up separate NPS guides, one for each platform (web, iOS and Android).

    It's also not possible to consolidate the data. I'd need to create a dashboard with the NPS widgets and analyze the data separately (assuming the guides are setup separately).

    Are the above correct?

    Last but not least, because the web application can be accessed from a desktop, mobile or tablet browser, is there a way to see the device type the user answered the survey from?

  • Hey! So technically you're welcome to display a single NPS across all device types, but I'd test it out to make sure it's a good experience on mobile browsers since the width is so different. We only display our NPS on desktop and tablet based on width and also based on seeing that our target audience is NOT using mobile browsers as much.

    For multiple guides, correct you could not consolidate data without a dashboard or perhaps a Data Explorer report.

    And yes, you can add a column to any visitor list/report/guide metrics to include device type :)