How to make a guide show for first visitors to a page?

I am looking to implement an intro guide for new employees. I am not sure how to create a segment that only targets new employees to an organization. This welcome guide should only be visible to new visitors, not people who have been at the company for 10 years.



  • Hi Sam,

    I would create a segment that targets visitor-level First Visit within the last 1 day, which will account for any new users as they join a company and visit your product for the first time. Pendo will show those users your guide upon their first login.

    I would then use an AND rule in the segment and target the Account ID (or whichever identifier you use for an account) to a specific employer account if the guide is only for one employer, otherwise, you can leave this step out. It should look something like the screenshot below. 

    Feel free to check out this article on New User Onboarding as well.


  • The challenge Sam may have here is that if he recently integrated with Pendo, then every user will be new to Pendo, so first visit may not be able to distinguish between real new users and others.

    If that is the case, you probably would need some meta-data to be sent across to Pendo that indicates whether the user has ever logged in before or not (prior to their current site visit) - or something similar.

    If not the case, then First visit should work well for you.