How to best identify features for sunsetting

Looking at some 'low hanging fruit' (or even medium-hanging) of features or capabilities that are least used so that we can consider sunsetting them.  

I know I can look at the page or feature list & sort on clicks, but was looking for something a bit more reportable or dashboard-worthy.

Anyone have a lovely idea for how to do this?



  • Hi, Susan Shevelenko

    Check out these How I Pendo videos where other users talk about how they used Pendo to decide what features to sunset and take action! If you have any questions, maybe Liz Feller can jump in since she's one of the subject matter experts!

    Hope this helps! 

  • I second the How I Pendo content for sure! If everything is tagged, using Data Explorer helps us understand use of features on a specific screen or specific to a task to identify those used the least, and then we combine that with a Path leading to that feature to understand what people are doing leading up to it to see if we could redirect them to something more useful in the product as a replacement, or what to do with those users. Another idea might be to make a Pendo poll targeted to only people who click that feature in a specific timeframe to understand what they use it for/feedback on it/etc.