Some of the NPS surveys are not getting listed in the Integrations API

We have developed the integration with Pendo using the Integrations API. For some of our users, some of their guides which are listed on their pendo app is not available in the guides integrations API responses. Is there any settings that we need to enable, so that all the guides will start showing up on the repsonses.

Please let us know if there is anything else we need to check to get all these guides.





  • Hi Erica Akroyd,


    Please help me resolve this, some of our customers are not able to get the guides. Any help would be really appreciated.

  • I believe the issue you are facing is you are on our Free Plan and API access is not included in Pendo Free. If you wish to use our API you would need to upgrade to one of our complete plans. Happy to connect you to a sales rep if you would like to discuss upgrade options!

  • Hi Allie Winstead

    We have the the integration key as a result of a marketing collaboration between us and Pendo. Our customers who are enterprise Pendo users are facing this issue and I am trying to resolve it on their behalf. As mentioned before, when OUR customers use THEIR Pendo key and try to fetch the guides, some of them are not returned in the API responses. However, these guides are visible on their Pendo App. We are using the guides endpoint API to fetch the list of available guides:

    Please advise us on what needs to be done to get all the guides on the API resposne.