Resource Center Announcements - Inspiration!

I am looking for some inspiration on ways to leverage the Announcements module of the Resource Center (RC) as well as new design ideas for this narrow space. We use it to announce new product features, major updates, upcoming events, etc. If anyone is willing to share an example of an announcement you’ve made for the RC please add it to this thread.

Here's an example where we link to a Help Center article that support the new feature:

This announcement provides a link to register for a webinar:



  • We add links to kick off Guides or navigate a user to a settings page to configure a new feature. Otherwise typically similar to what you have there. :) I'm a fan of our surveys collected via RC lately, I create a 1-2 step survey guide that's positioned relative to the element and use our resource center badge ID as the element. Looks sharp. Requires you to create a Resource center announcement that triggers a Guide. Both have the same target segment.

  • brandon for those surveys are you having the user launch them from a RC announcement button? What do you about being relative to the RC badge ID? Is your survey launching next to the badge? Do you have an example you can show?

  • Eric Millerbrandon We recently had a customer (ResMan), see success with a very creative announcement guide. They've given me permission to share in this thread what is basically a play-on-words approach. They choose a song each month and change up the lyrics to fit with the release. Users are loving it! 


  • My Product Education team uses it to display a Tip of the Week for our products.


  • We're very similar and very simple with ours :)

    (middle one has a gif that darkens that area and lightens it to point it out)(the last one has a custom code block to bring in the visitor's name)