January: New Adopt, New PES, and more.

January Pendo Product Update: The NEW Adopt, PES Changes, and more. 

Welcome to this month's edition of Pendo product updates! This is where you can stay up-to-date on what’s new in Pendo and what these releases mean for you.

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Adopt: The NEW Pendo Adopt: Coming Mid-February

It doesn’t seem like hybrid work arrangements are going anywhere any time soon. That’s putting an extraordinary amount of pressure on employers to provide employees with not only the best software for getting work done, but the guidance they need to use those tools to their full potential.

Our new Pendo Adopt product is purpose-built to enable IT and operational leaders to overcome this challenge by putting employees at the center of every software decision. With Pendo Adopt, you’ll be able to use behavioral analytics to understand how your employees do their best work, then take concrete action to make sure they all reach that state—and stay there. Want to be the first to get a demo of Pendo Adopt? Sign up here

Analytics: Product Engagement Score improvements go live January 20th!

Improvements to how Adoption and Growth are calculated in PES are coming. Together, these changes provide a more actionable, meaningful, and stable metric to understand product health. On January 20th, your PES score will be updated automatically–no action required on your part. Learn more here.

Guides: Open Beta: Clone your guide from one app to another

Pendo Guides users can now save Guide creation time by cloning a guide from one app to another. Today this includes: 

  • Web to web app
  • Android to Android app
  • iOS to iOS app

The team is working on cross OS ability - iOS to Android and vice versa - this will be available when the feature becomes generally available. 

Learn more about guide cloning here.

Integrations: Coming Soon: New Native Zendesk Help Center Integration, End of January

This new release launches Zendesk’s help center natively from your Resource Center. This makes it easier to leverage all of Zendesk’s powerful out-of-the-box features and support. 

Click here to learn more.



  • Hey Marcus! Wanted to give a heads up that for those who are subscribed to these Product Updates (such as myself), it is a bit anti-climatic to receive an email notification of a post that only says "Coming Soon." Is there any way to hold off on posting until the update is fully flushed out? Cheers. 

  • Thanks Anna - great point. We do it to have the URL ready for the customer newsletter, but to your point, that's not great if you're subscribed. We'll change this next month! Thanks for the feedback. 

  • Ahh I figured something like that was the case! Thanks for the reply. Take care!

  • I think I saw something about beta updates for NPS (machine learning or something like that), am I crazy or that really happened?