Bulk delete accounts and visitors through the API

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This article describes how you can use the API endpoint to start deleting accounts and visitors at any time, without contacting Pendo Support. Support processes requests to delete accounts and visitors in batches and can take up to 21 days to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements.

However, you still have the right to invoke any of your GDPR rights and can contact Pendo Support to process your request on your behalf.


You must have API access enabled. If API access isn't enabled and is part of your current contract, you can contact your Pendo account manager to enable the feature. 

You must also have a Pendo integration key. For instructions on generating a key, see the Pendo Integration Key article.

How it works

Each batch request can delete up to 500 visitors or accounts. The deletion is not real-time; instead, the request is placed into a queue and processed in bulk with other deletion requests. If you make this call more than once per second, there is a significant likelihood of returning errors. 

Once a batch request is submitted, you can check its status using GET. You can do this on a single request or multiple requests, as listed in the API documentation.

For more information about the API and GPDR Rights, see the GDPR article and API documents. You can also visit our Pendo Academy for a video about using the API. If you're on our US domain, visit the US Pendo Academy. If you're on our EU domain, visit the EU Pendo Academy.

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