Pendo Feedback API Key

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The Feedback API key is like the Pendo Integration Key, but for Feedback-specific integrations.

You generate a Feedback API key in Pendo when you want to connect an integration, like Zapier or Salesforce, with Pendo Feedback or use our public API endpoints. Not all integrations require an integration key.

The Feedback API key is different from the application key that appears in your Pendo install script (commonly referred to as the "snippet"). The application key in your install script connects Pendo to your application. For more information, see the Developer's guide to implementing Pendo using the install script.


You must have Pendo admin permissions to set up integrations. For more information, see the Roles and permissions.

Feedback API key creation

  1. Sign in to your Feedback account. You might need to use the product switcher at the bottom of the left-side menu: Pendo Products > Feedback.
  2. In Pendo Feedback, navigate to Settings > Product Settings > API Access.
  3. Select Show API Keys.
  4. Select Create API Key


API key storage and recovery

Feedback API keys are specific to the user that creates them. This means that the API key is always available for the user who created it in Pendo Products > Feedback > Settings > Product Settings > API Access.

If the user who created the API key leaves the company and their user record is deleted, the API key becomes invalid and the integration will break until the API key is replaced by an active user.


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